Builders Board

The Builders Board oversees the registration of the business entities and qualified individuals as Building Contractors in the Cayman Islands. The Builders Board meets regularly to consider applications for registration. The enabling legislation for the formation and function of the Builders Board is The Builders Law (2007 Revision) as amended and The Builders Regulations (2008 Revision) as amended.

The Board is made up of 10 members and the Executive Secretary of the Board is the Director of Planning, Mr. Haroon Pandohie.


Mr. Isaac Rankine (Chairman)

Mr. Tommie Bodden (Deputy Chairman)

Mr. Antoney Reid

Mr. Dave Johnston

Mr. Mervin Smith

Mr. Omar McLean

Mrs. Peta-Gaye Golaub-Symons

Mr. Michael Meghoo

Mr. Gordon McLaughlin

Notice of Interest

Apply for Builders Board Licence

To apply for a Builder’s Board Licence, please complete the form below, so we can send you a registration form to complete. Click here to access the hard copy of the form if you wish to submit your application through the Department of Planning’s front desk.

Builders Board Policy

Please click here to view Builder Board Policy

Fees for Business Entities and Qualified Individuals

General Contractor $1,000,000
Building Contractor $1,000,000
Residential Contractor $1,000,000
Trade Contractor $200,000
Civil Engineering Contractor $1,000,000

Trade Contractor Breakdown

To view trade contractor breakdown,  please click here.

Builders Board Legislation

Click here to view Builders Board Laws and Regulations.

Builders Board Presentation

Click here to view Builders Board presentation.

Builders Board Contractors Requirements

Click here to view Builders Board Contractors Fees and Registration Requirements.

Click here to view Builders Board Contractors Fees and Registration Requirements for the Sister Islands.

List of Approved Contractors

Click here to view a List of Approved Contractors.

Registry of Engineers

Please be reminded that as of September 2017, all Engineers who will be conducting business with the Department must apply to be on the registry of engineers.

To remain on the registry, a copy of the current Professional Indemnity Insurance Certificate and any other updated information must be provided as they become available.

Licencing Information for Plumbers

Please click here to view Apprentice Plumber’s Licence Registration Form.

Please click here to view Journeyman or Master Plumber’s Licence Exam Application Form.

Please click here to view Plumber’s Licence Renewal Form.

Please click here to view Plumber’s Licensing Information Sheet.

Please click here to view a list of Licensed Plumbers.



Plumbers in the Cayman Islands are required to be licensed by the Department of Planning. The Policy for Plumbers Licensing can be viewed here: PEB Policy for Plumbers Licensing.

There are three categories of plumbers: 1) Apprentice 2) Journeyman and 3) Master. Please see list of currently licensed plumbers in each category.

  1. Apprentice Plumbers are required to work under the supervision of a Journeyman or Master Plumber. The Apprentice Plumber application form can be found here: Apprentice Plumber’s Licence Application
  2. Journeyman and Master Plumbers are required to sit the written exam administered by the Department. Please see Journeyman and Master Plumber exam application here: Exam Application for Journeyman or Master Plumber’s Licence

Please submit your completed application along with any additional documents and required fees to the Department of Planning via the Planning Cashier located on the Ground Floor of the Government Building. For additional information please contact or by calling 244-6515.


The next Plumber’s Examination for Journeyman and Master Plumber’s will be held on March 27th 2020 at 2:00pm – 4:00pm.

All plumbers interested in sitting the exam should submit the requisite documentation (Application form, minimum of two job/work experience references,any supporting documentation) and fee no later than March 6th 2020.

All applications should be remitted to the attention of the Professional Registration Coordinator and delivered to the Government Administration Building.

Contact or call 244-6515 for further information.

Meeting Minutes



Glossary of Definitions

“Application” means the first application for registration after commencement of this Law, an application for renewal and an application seeking re-categorization

“Board” means the Builders Board established by Section 3 of the Law;

“Insurer” includes an insurance agent;

“Law” means the Builder’s Law, (2015 Revision);

“Qualifying person” means a person whose expertise the business entity concerned requires to have in order to qualify for registration in a category.

“Registered” means;-

(a) In relation to a business entity, registered in one of the categories specified in section 5 (4) of the Law or other category determined there under; and

(b) in relation to a qualified individual, registered as such under section 16 (1) of the Law. (2015 Revision)

“Building contractor” means a business entity which;-

(a) Constructs commercial, industrial, institutional, residential or other buildings, including their ancillary buildings, none of which projects exceed three storeys OR 25,000 square feet; or

(b) Repairs, improves, extends or renovates buildings of any size where such work does not affect the structural integrity of the building.

“Business entity” means an individual, partnership or a company, joint venture that carries on business or proposes to lawfully carry on business, and includes a charitable organization or other non-governmental organizations that undertake the management and/or supervision of the construction process including the management and or supervision of Trades Contractors.

“Business premises” means a place registered as a place of business for purposes of this Law or other place at which business is carried on.

“Civil Engineering Contractor” means a business entity which builds roads, bridges, docks, utilities infrastructure and other similar constructions as the Board may under section 6 (4) determine, and “civil engineering construction” shall be construed accordingly.

“General Contractor” means a business entity which performs any type or description of construction, other than civil engineering construction, and “general construction” shall be construed accordingly.

“Residential Contractor” means a business entity which constructs, repairs, renovates, extends or improves any building comprising up to four dwelling units, not exceeding three storeys in height, and their ancillary buildings, and residential construction shall be construed accordingly.

“Trades Contractor” means a business entity that does not fall under the purview of a general contractor, residential contractor, building contractor or civil engineering contractor but which includes other works such as site works contractor, concrete & masonry contractor, metal works contractor, wood, plastic & aluminum works contractor, thermal & moisture works contractor, finishes & specialty contractor, special construction contractor, mechanical contractor, plumbing contractor, electrical contractor, detection/monitoring & security contractor, green technologies installation contractor and such other work that may be determined by the Boards under section 6 (4) and sub trade construction shall be construed accordingly.

“Sub- Trade Contractor” shall be specific elements of a trade under Trade Contractor.