Development Control Board (DCB)

The Development Control Board is a statutory authority appointed by Cabinet to oversee and review the physical development of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Based on reviews and recommendations provided by the Department of Planning and other Government Agencies, the DCB decides whether to support or not support an application for Development and dictates any conditions of approval if applicable. The enabling legislation for the formation and function of the DCB is the Development and Planning Law and Regulations (2015 Revision).

The Board is made up of 7 members and the Executive Secretary of the Board is the Planning Officer in Cayman Brac, Ms. Andrea Stevens.


Captain Ashton Bodden (Chairman) Mr. Alva “Billy” Bodden
Mr. Royce Dilbert Mr. Garston Grant
Mr. Melgreen Reid Mrs. Zanda Scott
Captain Arlin Tatum

Notice of Interest
Public Meetings Rules of Procedure

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

December Meeting Agenda
MEETING: 13 | DATE: December-11-2018

November Meeting Agenda
MEETING: 11 | DATE: November-20-2018

October Meeting Minutes
MEETING: 10 | DATE: October-16-2018

October Meeting Agenda
MEETING: 10 | DATE: October-09-2018

September Meeting Minutes
MEETING: 09 | DATE: September-11-2018

September Meeting Agenda
MEETING: 09 | DATE: September-11-2018

August Meeting Agenda
MEETING: 08 | DATE: AUGUST-14-2018

August Meeting Minutes
MEETING: 08 | DATE: AUGUST-14-2018

July Meeting Agenda
MEETING: 07 | DATE: JULY-10-2018

July Meeting Minutes
MEETING: 07 | DATE: JULY-10-2018

June Meeting Agenda
MEETING: 06 | DATE: JUNE-20-2018

June Meeting Minutes
MEETING: 06 | DATE: JUN-20-2018

May Meeting Agenda
MEETING: 05 | DATE: MAY-15-2018

April Meeting Agenda
MEETING: 04 | DATE: APR-17-2018

April Meeting Minutes
MEETING: 04 | DATE: APR-17-2018

March Meeting Agenda
MEETING: 03 | DATE: MAR-20-2018

March Meeting Minutes
MEETING: 03 | DATE: MAR-20-2018

February Meeting Minutes
MEETING: 02 | DATE: FEB-20-2018

January Meeting Agenda
MEETING: 01 | DATE: JAN-16-2018

January Meeting Minutes
MEETING: 01 | DATE: JAN-16-2018

December Meeting Agenda
MEETING: 13 | DATE: DEC-12-2017

December Meeting Minutes
MEETING: 13 | DATE: DEC-12-2017

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