Electrical Board of Examiners (EBE)

The Electrical Board of Examiners (EBE) oversees the assignment and administration of licensing Electrical Contractors in the Cayman Islands. The EBE administers an entry examination, and meets regularly to review candidates’ applications. The enabling legislation for the formation and function of the EBE is the Electricity Law (2008 Revision) and the Electricity Regulations (2011 Revision).

The Board is made up of 6 members and the Executive Secretary of the Board is the Director of Planning, Mr. Haroon Pandohie.


Mr. Andrew Small (Chairman)

Mr. Walton Gooding

Mr. Allan Moore

Mr. Fitzroy Munroe

Mr. Carlos Powell

Mr. Merlin Welds

Mr. David Johnston

Notice of Interest

Lists of Electrical Contractors and Businesses Licensed by the EBE

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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Meeting 11
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