The Department of Planning is charged with the responsibility of supporting the Central Planning Authority and Development Control Board in regulating all forms of physical development in the Cayman Islands.

The Department is comprised of three major sections that cover: obtaining Planning Permission, the issuance of Building Permits and long-range Planning and policy.

The Department of Planning COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

The Department of Planning has implemented proactive steps for business transactions to protect employees, customers and the broader community from possible transmission of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Last Updated: 06/24/2020


Current Planning

Applying for Planning Permission

Seeking guidance and permission for a development? The Current Planning section is your point of contact for all applications to build or erect structures and alter land. We support the Central Planning Authority and Development Control Board by processing applications for development in accordance with the Development and Planning Laws and Regulations, and the Development Plan 1997. This Section of the Department is concerned with examining the suitability of a project or development proposal.

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Permits, Inspections and Final Certificates

You’ve obtained the necessary permission and are ready to construct? A Building Permit is necessary to be obtained prior to commencing construction. The Building Control section processes permit applications and reviews the pertinent Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and other drawings to determine compliance with applicable building codes. Following a permit issuance, our inspectors make numerous trips to construction sites to ensure that all works follow the approved plans and conform to code. Once all final inspections are passed, the granting of certificates of Occupancy, Completion or Operation is carried out.

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Policy Development

This section of the Department is responsible for policy preparation, special reports, and recommending revisions to the Development Plan, Development and Planning Law and Regulations. We provide mapping and statistical support to the Department, to Government Agencies and to our customers as well as administer the various systems used for record keeping, workflow management, application processing and public interaction.

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