Allows users to apply for permits online, and to track permit-related plan reviews and inspections. 

Enhancing the efficiency and quality of our service.

In addition to logging into the system to view information, key status update notifications are automatically sent to our clients via email.  The Department’s primary objective is to enhance the efficiency and quality of our service while reducing the amount of paper involved in the Planning process.

Quick Links.

Request access to OPS

Email support (

Features & Benefits

Apply for Permits

Applying for all permit types online .

Upload Plans

Upload electronic plans/drawings

Get Status Updates

Automatic status email notifications to agents / applicants / contractors.

Download Documents

Download a copy of Issued permits or certificates.

Track Plan Reviews

Track and review plan reviews.

Request Inspections

Requesting and tracking of inspection requests.

Record Guide

A listing of required plan reviews/inspections that need to be completed as part of your build.

Apply for Permission

Apply for Planning permission online. 

Manage Subcontractors

Agents can add and remove subcontractors to/from jobs as needed.

Manage Users

Businesses can add and remove persons to/from the company.