Freedom of Information

Name of Public Authority: Department of Planning
Ministry: Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure
Head of Department: Haroon Pandohie, Director of Planning & Executive Secretary to the Central Planning Authority

Publication Scheme

Department of Planning Publication Scheme

Note on Administrative Decisions

If any person wishes to obtain a written reason for an administrative decision made by the Department of Planning, please submit a request in writing to the attention of the Director of Planning stating the decision for which you are seeking a reason.

Functions of Public Authority

The Department of Planning’s functions are summarized in its vision and mission statements:


“To achieve a holistic environment by fostering a partnership with our community that promotes vibrant development, through the application of technical expertise to support an ever evolving built environment.”


To ensure that all development applications are processed efficiently, courteously, unbiased and in accordance with the development plans and associated legislation so that the physical development of the Islands is aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, sustainable, technically sound, promotes a strong economy, and provides an unparalleled quality of life for existing and for future generations.”

Subject Matters Handled

The Department of Planning is comprised of four divisions; Current Planning, Building Control, Policy Development and Administration. Planning functions on the Sister Islands are handled through the Sister Islands Planning Office located in the District Administration Building, Stake Bay, Cayman Brac.

Building Control (BC) reviews applications for building permits and inspects the structural, plumbing, electrical and mechanical components of buildings and structures to ensure that Central Planning Authority and Development Control Board approved developments comply with all the codes.

Current Planning section (CP) is responsible primarily for processing development applications for presentation to the Central Planning Authority (CPA) on Grand Cayman and the Development Control Board (DCB) on the Sister Islands.

Policy Development section (PD) is responsible for policy preparation and long-range planning issues such as land-use policies, conducting special studies, recommending revisions to the Development Plan, processing rezoning applications, reviewing Designating Order applications and preparing proposed amendments to the Development Plan, Planning Law and Regulations.

The Administration section is responsible for finance, human resource matters and support services for the entire department. The Administration section includes front counter staff, processing clerks, and others.

Governing & Related Legislation and Regulations:

  • The Development and Planning Law (2015 Revision)
  • The Development and Planning Regulations (2015 Revision)
  • The Building Code Regulations (2013 Revision)
  • The Development and Planning (Appeals) Rules
  • The Builders Law, 2007
  • The Builders Regulations, 2008
  • The Dangerous Substances Handling and Storage Law, 2003

Information Manager: Jon-Andrew Japal

Information Manager Designate: Tanya Vasquez-Ebanks